Statement for the Need of a Site Use Agreement

Light Eternal Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity, was founded for the purpose of securing individual rights and liberties, with personal privacy being a cornerstone to this vision. Our organization cherishes your right to privacy and only purposely uses cookies which are necessary for proper website function.

Most individuals take ownership for their actions and seeking out information for the purpose of growth and experience. However, other individuals seek to exploit an opportunity to misuse information for personal gain at another’s expense. Due to this, the purpose of our ‘Site Use Agreement’ is to ensure no bad actors seek to act in an inappropriate manner against this organization.

Light Eternal Institute does not profit from the sale of users’ data and utilizes this agreement to protect our organization solely. The ‘Site Use Agreement’ is in place to protect the Service, not inappropriately entrap the user. For those acting with personal responsible and ethics, no benefit will come to this Service by the consent of this agreement, notwithstanding the understood benefit which accompanies the appropriate utilization by views and users. 

By selecting ‘Yes’ on the ‘Site Use Agreement’ you wholly consent and agree to the linked documents and the understanding Light Eternal Institute is not acting to give medical or legal advice whatsoever.

The writing crafted by this Service is subject to change at any time and free of need to contact or convey such a change to users or viewers. However, independent of the specific change, all alterations will be of similar spirit and of the upmost ethical standards capable by this Service.

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