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Light Eternal Institute is a nonprofit organization working to foster a network to unite and educate Service-Members, a class of citizens society is dependent on for survival and the foundation from which all rights manifest, to better understand diversity, rights, and the nature of community. Moreover, we are in act to empower this remarkable and required class to eliminate injustice and unlawful discrimination and safeguard the civil and human rights given to us by our Creator and secured by those who understand their value for humanity; a value often secured by men and women willing paying the ultimate price.

Thank you for your time to learn more about our organization and for your consideration to donate a portion of what you have worked hard for to Light Eternal Institute. 

Additionally, we would greatly appreciate donations of Prayer; we believe this to be a donation which supersedes all others in its ability to further our organization’s mission!

From the directors of our organization, please know we greatly appreciation each donation and each of us are individuals who wish we were able to shake the hand of each person who chose to bless this cause.


Light Eternal Institute

Service-Member Focused
501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

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